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The Team17 Softography Says...
"Featuring superfast and smooth 360 degree scrolling, surperb VGA graphics, digitised sound and speech effects, amazing in-game music (various musical scores), bonus sub-game featuring a realistic fruit machine, skill levels to cater for younger (or older) players!

Massive worlds, huge levels, well tailored difficulty curve, packed with secret rooms, hidden rewards and much more."

Dream17 says...
Superfrog is somewhat different from every other game Team17 has ever published. While dismissed by some as a standard fluffy-wuffy platformer, the wiser heads still regard it as a defining example of the genre.

Sadly Superfrog never quite achieved the wider popularity it deserved, and by the time the PC conversion came out, Team17 were focusing on other projects.

Posted by Chris Hey at 15/07/06 9:38pm EDT

Superfrog was my favorite game ever as a kid, it was the only one i would play for about a year. But alas we lost the floppys and i no longer own it Sad Sad . Could someone send me a link where i can download/buy it? XxX

Posted by Thomas Sutherland at 19/09/06 9:47am EDT

superfrog is my fave game and always will be.
ALLWAYS!! Very Happy or Laughing

Posted by Vincent at 20/10/06 2:41pm EDT

Is and will always be my favorite game. I still have the AMIGA version ^^ Already trying to get the PC version for tears, not succeeded yet...:o

Posted by Marko Tomasevic at 23/11/06 2:23am EST


Posted by mahoo at 29/11/06 12:35pm EST

send me a link to download this free plese and only the microsoft compatible version used to luv this game!!!:D

Posted by Nick De Greek at 13/12/06 4:37am EST

To Vincent (of 20/10/06) is there any way that you can make copies of these disks for the amiga and if so is there someway that I can get in touch with you to recieve them?

Posted by iza013 at 17/12/06 12:27pm EST

Can someone tell me where can I find it? please..:(

Posted by BIGtom (tom dunning) at 12/11/06 9:33pm EST

i found it but i needed an amiga emulator and i couldnt find one Sad i used to play this game when i was a kidda!!! i cant belive i havent played it since like forever!

Posted by Andrew at 18/12/06 12:22pm EST

I am also looking for this piece.:(

Posted by Iranon at 05/01/07 11:52pm EST

Still love playing the Superfrog on my PC (Windows XP), it runs like a charm with the DOSBox from

Posted by vaseem at 21/01/07 10:16pm EST

super frog is my one and only game since i was a kid so would som1 pleas send me some links to get thefull version thanx:cry:

Posted by paralax at 04/02/07 2:25pm EST

Jedna z lepszych gier na Amige!

Posted by The Lilac Pilgrim at 10/02/07 6:59pm EST

I adored this game as a kid, and though I'm only 17 now, one of my goals is to demand to have this released on a newer console. I feel like I've lost something thanks to my dad selling my Amiga ¬¬

Posted by Pooka at 15/02/07 4:18pm EST

Please stop asking for copies of Superfrog via this comment system. This is a place to put comments about the game, not a trading or abandonware forum.

Posted by Libster at 15/02/07 10:52pm EST

wow i still have this some where with my amiga 1200 this was my fave game when i was about 8 Surprised or Shocked

Posted by lib at 15/02/07 10:54pm EST

wished they would remake this game for pc

Posted by Pezhman yaali at 04/03/07 5:56pm EST

hello thank u

Posted by kay at 09/03/07 9:31pm EST

does anyone know where i can buy superfrog for the pc, other than on ebay/amazon?

Posted by Scuole di cinema at 05/04/07 2:01am EDT

Superfrog is not as good as sonic.:shock:

Posted by Amiga master at 27/04/07 4:48pm EDT

Yeeeaaarrr!!! I have an amiga and this is the only game i play

Posted by tarantulla at 16/06/07 1:25pm EDT

hmmmm. there´s a version absolutely compatible with WinXP on //well check it out

Posted by bobby at 22/07/07 9:03pm EDT

can someone please tell me where to get this game i loved it and always will Razz:P thanks

Posted by Mikko at 30/08/07 11:07pm EDT

Yeah! This game kicks ass. Too bad we no-longer own amiga.

Posted by pedro silva at 02/09/07 9:01pm EDT


Posted by chris at 18/01/08 5:53pm EST

this was my absolute fav game for my amiga, i still have a 600 and 1200 in the attic, i could never part with them i remember having superfrog for xmas with the amiga (and other games) and played superfrog constant for months

Posted by Pejay at 23/02/08 1:43am EST

Great platform game. Have it on floppy but disc no longer works. May have to check on ebay and get another copy.
They should remake this, 3d graphics, but still keep it a side scrolling platform.
I would buy it. Twisted

Posted by juhis at 24/04/08 2:19pm EDT

This was one of my favorite Amiga games, when I was kid!:-D:-D
Love this game, but I don't play this game anymore.:(

Posted by Weihrauch at 10/09/09 7:24am EDT

I still have an amiga computer, with this game, and a hole lot of others, this game i so cool !8-)

Posted by mohammed at 14/02/10 12:00pm EST

This game is one of the most beautiful games I've played in my life with me beautiful memories I hope to play it again, but I want to download Please help me

Posted by Andhar at 11/01/12 2:38am EST

Soon you can get this game via GoG (Good Old Games)! Smile

Posted by Pooka at 15/02/12 8:14am EST

You can download it now via GoG - click here in order to jump straight to the download!

Posted by CompuClassics at 11/03/15 10:33am EDT

Hmm, I wonder how come the floppy images for the Amiga version are available but not the Floppy images or ISO of the DOS Port?

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