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Worms World Party
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Titus Interactive S.A.

Dreamcast, GameBoy Advance, Gizmondo, NGage, PC CD, PlayStation
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GameBoy Advance Version
This is cleaned up from an old document I (SupSuper) wrote long ago from my experience playing the GameBoy Advance Version of the game. Take it as you will.


  • Sometimes the grenade causes exactly 50 damage to the worm it hits, regardless of how close the grenade was to the worm

  • When a worm is hit and flies (e.g. blown away by explosion), it frequently flies in the wrong direction (e.g. you hit a worm with the bazooka from right to left and the worm flies back towards yours)

  • There is no limit in scrolling upwards or downwards (your boredom is the limit)

  • When you use the Full Wormage cheat, all weapons are set to 1 ammo (instead of infinite ammo)

  • The worm moves some pixels when using the shotgun (can cause it to fall from a ledge, missing the shot)

  • Shotgun shooting sprites are switched around. When the worm is loading the shotgun (click-click) the "shotgun shooting" sprite shows up, and when the worm is shooting, it shows up the "worm with shotgun" (no shooting) sprite

  • Settings (game options, weapon options, team changes, deathmatch progress, etc.) aren't stored, so as soon as you turn off your GBA, you lose everything

  • Sometimes when you finish a deathmatch the game doesn't quit. In other words, your worms just stand there jumping and the game doesn't go back to main menu, saying you won the game. Meaning you have to Quit manually, rendering the battle useless. It really makes me mad!

  • Airstrike's explosion is too big (it's the size of a bazooka explosion), but the damage is the correct one, which makes the weapon a bit weird

  • Sometimes damage isn't calculated correctly, specially when there is more than one source of damage (egg. hit by a weapon and end up on a mine, or hit by a weapon and oil barrel, etc.)

  • The computer (AI) doesn't take in count objects that are in the way of his trajectory (most commonly oil barrels right in front of his face

  • The computer often gets stuck, somehow, or doesn't know what to do so it stays all 45 seconds doing nothing, instead of skipping his turn

  • If you've got a worm on top of you, you can't move

  • The game crashed on me once (have no idea why)

  • Camera doesn't focus on worms after they're damaged (e.g. you damage an enemy and the camera focus on you if you run away and doesn't focus on the enemy for you to see)


  • Rope sucks!

  • Worm voices don't change depending on language (but that might be because of lack of space. It is a GBA game)

  • Airstrike's missiles don't do a very nice path. They go in a straight line from top-right to bottom-left (or vice-versa if you change direction)

  • Grenade's bounce is default to Max

  • Napalm sucks, since most of the times it flows away out of the game.

  • Maps aren't exactly random. The game just contains a "quite random" set of pre-made maps. However, their textures are random

  • Deathmatch weapon set is not the same as Intermediate, it's harder. Like, you don't have teleports, you don't get to use your team's special weapon, it doesn't have Select Worm, and some other stuff

  • You don't play missions by order, you just select the one you want to play

  • Sound of button selection isn't right (it plays the "object sunk/object hits water" sound)

  • You need to complete a battle twice in deathmatch to go up rank

  • Ranks in deathmatch only go up to Major

  • Nothing is gained from beating everything (I had to keep my GBA on for a whole week to test this due to the lack of a save feature)

Comparison to earlier Worms Gameboy games

  • Much more sprites

  • Much better terrains

  • Worms now talk (no stupid text messages)

  • More sounds

  • Much more weapons

  • Music slightly better. Actually, the only one that is quite good is the WWP Intro Theme

  • Much more customization options (weapons, game, teams)

  • Multi-language

Comparison to PC version

  • Doesn't have all WormPOT modes

  • Doesn't have all weapons

  • Much less missions (not a single one that is hard)

  • No training missions

  • No multiplayer missions

  • No time attacks

  • You can only have up to 4 teams in a game and up to 12 worms

  • No single/multi-pak mode (playing with other GBAs)

  • Doesn't have more than one soundbank

  • Doesn't have flags (for teams)

  • PC version doesn't have so many glitches ;)

  • And... I can't remember more specific stuff now, but you get the idea :P