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RubberWorm for the latest W:A updates

Specifically for discussion of the 1999 PC game by Team17. Created as a place for discussion and to troubleshoot problems with other members. While we cannot provide OFFICIAL support, we will do what we can to help you if you need assistance.

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RubberWorm for the latest W:A updates

Postby StepS » Wed Jun 12, 2013 1:29 am

This is a thread about RubberWorm which is currently being developed by Kawoosh (KMZ).
The latest stable version is (15 August 2013).


To do:
  • [!]A major update with the versioning of rubberworm replays, remote rubberworm check, and more! :D
  • [!]New command which will force starting of the next turn even if there are weapons, flames or worms flying around the map (/ndbt)
  • All of the remaining LaserFix features if possible
  • Being able to check whether the client has RubberWorm or not (by typing /v).
  • A non-breaking invisibility feature
  • Weapons jumping out from crates while those get exploded
  • And fix the /usw camera issue.
  • No object limit (may be hard to do)
  • An in-game menu (weapons editor)
Short version history: Fixed scheme distribution failure when entering commands by hand in a lobby with more than 2 players.
Update: Compatible with both CD and Steam editions. /version command extended to 65535 (top-level byte ''Freeze'' crate probability); the /ts9 alias now points to 297 ([TestStuff9]). Restored the feature pop-ups and the fix setting removed. Fully fixed fuseex zero, added clarification for "wrong revision" users. You must update, my sir Fixed fuseex jump/hook issue (desynchronization). Ported to
/fuseex has been extended to support 10 cows in one herd, and also zero-second grenades, cluster bombs and bananas. The remaining parts of this feature are still compatible, and also an older user can't activate the unavailable option by pressing 0.
■ RubberWorm now informs you (invisible to others) when you enable some feature.
■ The actual W:A version number is now shown near the value of /version command (after typing /show or /showme)
■ Due to the crash bug discovered in W:A (comboboxes randomly causing crash after closing the scheme pop-up), by default RubberWorm now disables pop-ups that appear after clicking on the scheme to prevent the crash. This doesn't affect /showme feature as there's no combobox involved. This can be re-enabled by using SchemePopupOff=0 in the [Fixes] section of RubberWorm.ini, though the potential danger of a crash (anytime and unpredictably) should be taken into consideration. Added /knock[1-255] - custom knocking force. Using it you can set any force from 1 to 255 (where 100 is the normal, 254 is the max and 255 forces no knocking). This does not depend on a channel/TS/batty. Note: like always, a knock is treated by W:A as a "rope knock" until you lose your turn (lose control), i.e. losing turn by rolling on landscape and then touching a worm doesn't qualify as a rope knock. Added in-game command /colormod - team-colored rope, outlines of worm bars and lasersight. Best with darker team colour scheme (PX users will have to install [url=""]wkPXColorРwnage[/url] to make darker colour scheme work). Added /swat - select worm any time during the turn - let it be mid-air, fall, sliding, or etc. Just press Tab when you wish. If "selectworm" option is enabled in the scheme, swat will be working during the whole game. If "selectworm" option is disabled, you can call swat by using a SelectWorm weapon - this will last till the end of your turn! Added /fuseex - up to 9 seconds selectable fuse of grenades, bananas, madcow herds, etc.
Also kaosmod4 and kaosmod5 by request of DreamTrance, Added:
/speed[value] - speed limit for roping and objects (16 - default, 32 - TS, 255 - unlim (like in ts3))
/ts8 - TS8 aliase command (version164) which can be directly integrated into the scheme file.
These features have been ported from italian wkTrastulloPerAtrox.dll module:
/reaim: auto reaiming at the turn start
/cira: circular aiming (ts-like)
/alp: antilock power (ts-like)
/usw: unlock sdet weapons (armageddon,earthquake,nuketest)
Also, the crateshower can now be used together with craterate. Added /wdca - weapons don't change automatically. Added the /kaosmod2 feature, which was needed for the kaos league. An explanation table is here. Added /ope - all objects are pushed by explosions, like in the one of previous versions. This one doesn't use emulation. Minor rubberbounce fix (at 255 value) Added /flames and /kaosmod features. /flames allows you to increase the limit of persisting flames at the map in the same time.
The previous versions before were part of RubberWorm30, and didn't have all the basic features inside.

The /tellv and /show features work like in LaserFix, you can look the parameters while being a client, and can tell the version with /tellv.
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Re: RubberWorm for the latest W:A updates

Postby StepS » Fri Aug 16, 2013 12:57 am

An important stability update was released. Fixed scheme distribution failure when entering commands by hand in a lobby with more than 2 players.
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